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LadyMichellex | LiveJasmin

Hot, classy mature, ready to get you going and then drive you crazzy or simply making your day .

  • 46
  • Big
    Breast size
  • Bisexual
    Sexual preferences
  • Female
  • Above average
  • English, French, Russian, Romanian

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  •   mercury2535  8 months ago

    honey, I love your horny sexy body so much. it was so great with you hny. kiss

  •   LadyMichellex  7 months ago

    Kisses back, my darling. and thanks for nice words. :)

  •   LadyMichellex  8 months ago

    Hello boys!
    I am back to you after twoo weeks! Been missing you. Hope you were to! Kiss!

  •   LadyMichellex  9 months ago

    Let's smile abit this Sunday:
    What’s the difference between a tire and 365 used condoms?
    One’s a Goodyear. The other’s a great year.
    Have a nice day!

  •   bdaddyb  9 months ago

    very yummy! thx bb!

  •   LadyMichellex  9 months ago

    Thank you so much, too :)

  •   LadyMichellex  9 months ago

    Hey, guys!
    Here are some rules for a better interaction with me, so you can get as much as you can from the time spent with me.
    1. When you attend my free chat room, I expect you to tell me straight away what you want to see in my private show. The more clear you are, the better private show you\'ll get.
    2. In my free chat, no requests to show stuff (I never do them, so it really dosen\'t worth any try, unless you want to get me angry). No stand up requests, no deals \'for private\' (like \'show as sif you want to go private\'), no bargaining (like \'if I join will you show pussy right away?\'). I can assure you your time won\'t be wasted in private. I respect the fact you pay me, respect back my work for you back and do not request me to do in free chat things that are for private. And if you don respect the performer who gives you a show, is like you are not respecting your own money spent on site.
    3. No light conversation in my free chat, no flood my room with endless compliments. Respect my free chat time and I\'ll respect your private time with me, by doing whatever I can to make you happy.
    4. Do not ask me where am I form, or if I am married, what is my age or name is. As you can see, my name is contented in my show name. Some other things you ask, most often just to be asked might be found in my profile. Anyways if you really are interested about me, then you may join private where I might tell you more. As well, seriously consider my show is for sale on the site, not my private life and in any circumstances myself. When you agreed terms and condition on this site, you agreed this so do not try to change the deal\'s terms with me, because it won\'t work.
    5. I will always be delighted to perform for you in private, I promise to respect your time and money (as long as you do not have an obviously abusive or harmfull behavior or a behavior in disrespect of terms and condition of the site) and I look forward to have a lot of nice time with you, guys, both, in free and private chat.

  •   LadyMichellex  9 months ago

    Have a nice week end!

  •   LadyMichellex  9 months ago

    I wish you a great first work week from this year. And wonderfull days off to whose lucky people still having hollyday

  •   LadyMichellex  9 months ago

    Who wanna have fun with me today, boys?

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