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Hm tell something about myself here ? I think who want really know me will do steps for it does not matter what will hear of me* Dont judge me from free room but from our shared time *Our look is extension our ************** is within us come out through us look and character*With what u feeding ur soul/ur mind that come out from u*HOW Ur BEHAVE To ME So Im to U mean everything its mirror

  • 40
  • Normal
    Breast size
  • Bisexual
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  • Female
  • Petite
  • English

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  •   incentive83  19 days ago

    fantastic lady!
    Thank you very much!!

  •   LauraRedx  14 days ago

    hi bb,we are fantastic together, bcs we did it together in pvt room ;))) Thank you incentive for ur time with me and Im glad u did enjoy again our playing. Také care, bye bye ;))

  •   ukwill2  1 month ago

    lovely girl once you get to know her ,she is not a sex robot so please treat her with lots of respect.

  •   LauraRedx  30 days ago

    Thank you Will. Like I said u not reason on fight.Reason doing something better each other its its find solution in misunderstanding and know talk each other. Také care, have a good time, bye bye ;)))

  •   Saylor08  1 month ago

    you are awesome Laura….you always make me feel great and you are sexy as hell!!

  •   LauraRedx  1 month ago

    thank you Saylor A. :) Im glad u did enjoy time with me. That everything mirror and when we know good communicate it doing to us both nice sharing time. Thank u for it. I appreciate it too A. :) Také care, bye bye :) L :)

  •   tuffie  2 months ago

    great pussy, and willing to please

  •   LauraRedx  2 months ago

    Thank you K. Im glad u did enjoy time with me again. Také care, L :)))

  •   Saylor08  2 months ago

    you sooooo gooood bb!!!!

  •   LauraRedx  2 months ago

    Thank you bb. Im glad u did enjoy time together. Také care, L :)))

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