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SoniaLouise | LiveJasmin

I am magic. My authenticity is mesmerizing, my vulnerability is captivating, my flaws are enchanting, my light is breathtaking, my love is spellbinding.

  • 31
  • Big
    Breast size
  • Bisexual
    Sexual preferences
  • Female
  • Athletic
  • English

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  •   leatherpant22  12 days ago

    This moment speacial with u was just for you, Sonia is THE BEST girl i knew before, respect her, she deserve all the best always...

  •   leatherpant22  19 days ago

    Thank u Sonia for this time, simply, the best monent with u, u seem nice always, please keep smiling like you do... is great know the good part of you, because u are shiny, good soul and your beauty ... :) take care

  •   leatherpant22  20 days ago

    Thank u Sonia, thank u tank u thank u!!!! this moment, this moment was magic, fantastic, so longer time with u, really i loved alll all in detail about u, and with so much respect, is that important, without ties, good moment and relax time, i'm glad to life to know u here :)

  •   leatherpant22  22 days ago

    Sonia, it's ok not get many information here, but i'm glad to know u a lot, u are a good girl, a best friend, and more great to love :) so see u friday with all your leathers, black vinyl, pvc pants, white shirt the one u had today too please not forget bye!! :)

  •   leatherpant22  23 days ago

    Thanks Sonia, fantastic moment with u, u are a great girl, in all way, i feel comfortable with u, u are nice, pleasant, i respect u a lot, is like to take a coffe with u and talk, please wait me more time i'll wear leather for u, i'll wear leather pants, are a bit tight not pockets just zip infront i love how u look is like, your are the girl i waited before and more :*

  •   IanGreybeard  1 month ago

    sweetest girl on the planet, always a joy to be with

  •   FootStock  2 months ago


  •   LiveJasmin Team  3 months ago

    LiveJasmin Team wishes you a very Happy Birthday!

  •   aceshigh2010  4 months ago

    so lovely and forgettable....will remember you always xxx

  •   aceshigh2010  5 months ago

    amazing lady 10/10 xxx

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