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I might look sweet but when you get to know me you will find out I am wild. I wish there were two of me. One could take a hot sweet romantic bath with you in a candlelight. Sipping wine, *********** other one would push you on the bed, get on top of you and enjoy the encounter. Begging for one more

  • 24
  • Normal
    Breast size
  • Straight
    Sexual preferences
  • Female
  • Petite
  • English

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  •   AnishaB  2 hours ago

    Relationship fails becaus Girls love to much and boys love to many.:)

  •   AnishaB  2 days ago

    The best things in life are free
    Hugs, smiles friends,kisses, , family, laughter, and good memories...!

  •   geeiluv69  5 days ago

    an amazing performer. very playful

  •   AnishaB  6 days ago

    i dont have a type..if we vibe we vibe....

  •   AnishaB  11 days ago

    You start diyng slowly if you dont travel,if you do not read,If you do not listen to the sounds of life, if you do not appreciate yourself.
    You start Diyng slowly when you kill your self-esteem: When you do not let others help you. You start dying slowly if you become a slave of your habits, Walking everyday on the same paths ....If you do not change your routine,If you do not wear different colors or do you not speak to those you don't know..
    You start dying slowly if you avoid to fel passion and their turbulent emotion..Those which make your eyes glisten and your heart beat fast>
    You start dying slowly if you do not change your life when you ar not satisfied with your job or with your love..if you do not risk what is safe for the uncertain, if you do not go after a dream, if you do not allow yourself, at lest once in your lifetime,To run away from sensible advice !

  •   AnishaB  11 days ago

    Thank you Fred:* you to ar a super Man..muahh

  •   malbis  11 days ago

    Maria is just such an incredible person in all ways!

  •   AnishaB  13 days ago

    My morla in life is simple.
    You treat me good and i will definitley treat you better!

  •   AnishaB  14 days ago

    Fall in love with the person who enjoys your madness, not an idiot who force you to be normal!

  •   AnishaB  15 days ago

    If you wish to be warrior prepare to get broken
    If you wish to be explorer prepare to get lost and if you wish to be a lover prepare to be both!

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